Arcane Aura

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I love this beautiful patterns. So today I’m going to share with you the pattern for this doily called Arcane Aura. 
You can even use it as a sousplat to further enrich your table decor, I guarantee you that people were delighted.

I found this pattern on Draiguna’s website, I’m sure you liked it too.
These patterns are a little long to be executed, and Draiguna made sure to detail each step, it is very easy to understand. It divides into 3 steps, I will make available to you the address of the first step, and then just follow the step by step.

size 10 crochet thread- 20-25 yards
1.75 mm hook
yarn needle

It has 8 rounds and measures about 4″ in diameter if using size 10 thread.  The thread I used is Aunt Lydias size 10 cotton crochet thread in the colors Purple and Wood Violet.

Here is the step by step pattern of “Draiguna”

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